Does Refresh-a-Baby fit all water bottles?

Refresh-a-Baby fits well on most water bottles. The product has been trailed on a very extensive range of Australian water bottles. This research has shown that Refresh-a-Baby fits securely on most bottles with no leakage. However, there are a few brands and bottle types where Refresh-a-Baby does have a loose fit which may cause leakage or cause it to become disconnected from the water bottle if excessive force is used. It has been found that the water bottles with the half sized lid (most commonly seen in Supermarket brands) have a larger opening which increases the likelihood of spillage. Refresh-a-Baby recommends parental discretion to ensure an adequate seal is obtained prior to giving to babies.

Does Refresh-a-Baby come with a cap?

No, Refresh-a-Baby does not come with a cap. The awkward shape of Refresh-a-Baby makes it very difficult to have a protective cap that covers the whole product. We suggest to customers the use of a small container or zip lock bag to store Refresh-a-Baby. This can then be easily placed in handbags or nappy bags to ensure you have it with you wherever you go. Plus, you don’t have to worry about misplacing an extra piece!

When is it recommended to replace my Refresh-a-Baby?

It is recommended to replace your Refresh-a-Baby immediately if it displays tears, cracks or shows any signs of excessive wear. Remember to recycle!

What is Refresh-a-Baby made from?

Refresh-a-Baby is made in the USA from BPA free silicone and BPA free polupropylene plastic.

Is Refresh-a-Baby safe for babies to use?

Refresh-a-Baby is an eco-friendly product made free of BPA and nasty chemicals as your baby’s safety is paramount. Refresh-a-Baby is made with FDA approved materials and is made of the same products used for baby bottle teats. Refresh-a-Baby has passed all safety inspections for babies under European standards EU 14350. It is recommended that babies only use this item under strict adult supervision and never when the child is unattended.

What is the age Refresh-a-Baby is aimed at?

Refresh-a-Baby is recommended for Stage 1 babies from birth to one year old. The timing and introduction of water into a baby’s diet is always based on parental choice.

What colours does Refresh-a-Baby come in?

Refresh-a-Baby comes in a variety of fun unisex colours including blue, green, purple and yellow.

How do I clean Refresh-a-Baby?

Refresh-a-Baby is quick and easy to clean. There are only three parts to the product including the teat, cap and adaptor. Refresh-a-Baby is dishwasher safe or can be cleaned with warm soapy water. It does not require sterilisation prior to every use which makes it perfect for travel.

How do I assemble Refresh-a-Baby?

Refresh-a-Baby only has three parts making it quick and easy to put together. To assemble the teat to adaptor, simply use a push fit application on a firm surface with your thumbs pushing down on the top of the cap. You will hear a click when both parts are secure in place. Look for the lip area to be visible at the base of the silicone teat where the cap and the adaptor meet. Then, just pop on to a water bottle also using a push fit application to create a suction fit. Refresh-a-Baby is now ready for use.

How do I use Refresh-a-Baby on water bottles?

Refresh-a-Baby is very user friendly with only several basic steps to follow.

Step one: Remove the cap from the water bottle
Step two: Insert opposite end of teat into the bottle until the top of bottle meets converter. Apply slight pressure to create a seal to prevent leakage.
Step three: Prior to using Refresh-a-Baby, make sure product is secure in place. The bottle is now ready for baby to have a refreshing drink! It’s that easy!

Can Refresh-a-Baby be used for formula?

You may notice on the product packaging that it states that Refresh-a-Baby can be used on baby formula bottles. Refresh-a-Baby was invented by a mum in the USA where pre-made formula bottles are available. However, such bottles are unavailable in Australia. Some of our Australian parents have advised us that they have successfully used Refresh-a-Baby on water bottles where they have added baby powdered formula hence the ‘just add formula’ statement on the packaging. This is always based on parental choice. Refresh-a-Baby Australia acknowledges that its primary focus is providing an easy alternative for parents by turning water bottles into baby bottles creating the convenience of H2O on-the-go!

Is Refresh-a-Baby reusable and recyclable?

Yes, Refresh-a-Baby is both reusable and recyclable. It is a nappy bag necessity so you can reuse it many times over, the same as you can for a baby bottle teat. Refresh-a-Baby is environmentally friendly.

I’m not in Australia how can I purchase Refresh-A-Baby?

For our International friends you can purchase Refresh-A-Baby from Refresh-A-Baby USA

Safety Caution – This item is not a toy. Only allow babies to use this item under strict adult supervision and never when the child is unattended. Inspect product before use and discard if damaged.