About Us

Refresh-a-Baby was founded in the USA by mother of two Gina Almonte.

Gina’s Story

“How many times have you left the house with your nappy bag and left something behind? I knew it all too well! So, I discovered a quick and easy solution. After realising I left my son’s baby bottle at home while on an outing with my friends, I noticed I only came prepared with a water bottle and the baby bottle teat with cap. Knowing how much my son loved water, I wished I could have just put the baby bottle teat on to the water bottle and fed his craving for a drink. Instead, I was out of luck with a problem needing to be solved. Frustrated with the situation, I had to think of a solution fast.

Instantly, the idea of Refresh-a-Baby popped in my head. How convenient it would be to be able to feed a baby directly from a water bottle. After all, we use fresh bottled water to mix with formula to prepare a bottle, as well as give our babies fresh water to drink. Why not eliminate a few unnecessary steps in the process. This one-of-a-kind product, called Refresh-a-Baby, is portable and user friendly as the teat simply “pops” onto a water bottle using a push fit application, creating a suction spill-proof seal around the opening. Perfect for busy mums and dads on the go! After a few years of hard work, the idea of Refresh-a-Baby came to fruition. Now patented, the need for Refresh-a-Baby is evident providing a way to save time, money, and energy while feeding your baby. I believe in Refresh-a-Baby 100% and once you try it, you will too! I am dedicated to sharing the benefits of Refresh-a-Baby to parents all over the world!”

Refresh-a-Baby Australia